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This is based on one of Mark Twain's best and funniest novels and Bing Crosby is perfect in this Hollywood classic from , playing the hapless time-traveler Hank Martin 'Morgan' in the novel.

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To prove his magical abilities to the sixth century's King Arthur and save himself from execution, Hank threatens the arrival of a total eclipse known via a modern almanac to the astonishment of the unenlightened peasants and royalty. Even David Copperfield never attempted that feat! The heavenly event happened while the movie was in production in Italy on February 15, and was captured on camera. Whoa, epic indeed! A shimmering eclipse is the trigger for the strange happenings in Little Shop of Horrors as Rick Moranis' Seymour heralds the arrival of the monstrous, man-eating Venus fly-trap named Audrey II.

A dazzling bolt of green light emanating from the fireworks overhead transforms an ordinary plant into a blood-drinking monster. Georges Melies' A Trip To The Moon classic silent short depicts a total solar eclipse as a weird romantic entanglement between the sun and the moon. Make sure you gather the kiddies to watch this hilarious rendering of a cartoon-like union of heavenly bodies with human faces.

Special effects have come a long way, baby! Has a nostalgic charm that will certainly cast a smile upon your face. An alignment of otherworldly proportions creates the ultimate total eclipse for Vin Diesel's vision-enhanced Riddick. Once the darkness falls, flocks of nasty bat-like creatures rush to their feast of the crash survivors in the midnight madness.

My little 48 seconds of totality pales in comparison to this film's month-long darkathon. Technically, it's not our sun that's eclipsed here, but Pitch Black fits nicely into our round-up of Hollywood's obsession with eclipses. Alan Quartermain uses the eclipse as a tool to help Umbopa, the rightful native king, to persude his African people that the evil witchdoctor Gagool's magic is inferior. The swashbuckling adventurer remembers a Derby Day bet he made for the solar eclipse and discovers the notes in his journal as to the exact time of the moon's snuffing out of the sun's warm light.

It does the trick and an uprising occurs, making the guarded entrance to the fabled mines now free and clear for unbridled looting! Angelina Jolie steps into the tank top and boots of video game's intrepid treasure hunter Lara Croft and takes on the power-hungry followers of the Illuminati. A spectacular solar eclipse is featured in the plot as a once-in-5,year planetary alignment ends with a total blockage of our sunny yellow star.

During the outage, access is granted to the legendary relic called the Triangle of Light, allowing the manipulation of time and space to its possessor. And those are the least convoluted points of the plotline! Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site. Skip to main content. Latest Stories.

The Twilight Saga 3: Eclipse

Tag: Movies. Tag: Comics. Tag: Podcast. Tag: Science. Jeff Spry.

Series by cover

Aug 21, Share This Post. Tag: lists. Tag: Great American Eclipse. She feeds him strange stories of her youth in Russia, tantalises him with her presence and backs the production of his movie. Of course, anyone else reading this volume will likely pick a completely different set of stories. Jun 13, Rob rated it liked it Recommends it for: new weirdos but probably not pre-post-post-cyberpunks. Shelves: science-fiction , anthology , new-weird , , vampires , apocalypse.

As for the computed average of my ratings on the individual stories themselves out to four decimal places , Eclipse 1 scores: 3. Moscowitz Becomes French" by Peter S. I wanted to like it a lot more but something about it left me wanting a bit Though maybe a bit too oblique?

If your library has this anthology then you owe it to yourself to at least read this one. I felt a little dirty and cheated — but how can someone rip you off when they've never heard of you? Besides, it was different enough to not be "the same".

Adult Science Fiction & Fantasy Recommendations // 2019

Oct 09, Anna Tan rated it liked it. I'd say there were overall more a-ha! Gardner, a bumbling wizard, somehow kills his adopted grandmother, the most powerful witch-queen in the nether-world by sheer accident. Now on the run, Gardner, with the help of Gurl, the gargoyle that used to sit above Granny's office desk, must figure out what's really going on. The story is laugh-out-loud funny.

Product Details for Eclipse 1 New Science Fiction and Fantasy by Not Available

Its series of comedic errors would have made perfect reading for teens, except for its preoccupation with vampire sex. Then again, after twilight, who cares about vampire sex? Toother is a little dark, slightly reminiscent of Criminal Minds. He goes to consult Hiram Hirsch, Consultant to Evil, that's what. The story is light, entertaining and brilliantly written.

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Jul 31, Ryun rated it really liked it. May 20, Richard rated it really liked it Shelves: anthology , sf , night-shade-books , richard-s , books. Garth Nix's, for example, seemed to be YA with some added swears well, he does write plenty of YA fiction, yes? And, apart from his collaboration with William Gibson on the Difference Engine, I've just never really been able to get into Brude Sterling. Must be missing something. That said, where I enjoyed it, I really did, so, given that there are a reasonable number of stories in it, I am prepared to overall give it the benefit of the doubt.

Besides which, it has a Lucius Shepherd story at the end, and he is always excellent. Jul 01, Leadie rated it really liked it. The opening blurb on this includes 'rare and unusual event. One I had a difficult time following but once I got to a certain point it kind of fell together. That said, there are some truly outstanding gems in this collection. If you need a variety of Science Fiction and Fantasy to get you going it's worth giving a peek at to see if this one is what will grab you.

Like I said, some did and some didn't. But I did read all o The opening blurb on this includes 'rare and unusual event. But I did read all of them. I would have given it a three if the gems didn't put it over the top. Added a couple of must find authors to my list from this one though.

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  • Jan 23, Bill rated it it was ok Shelves: anthology , fantasy , sf. I wasn't as impressed as I was supposed to be. I think I read a recommendation for this on someone's blog and figured it was time to be up-to-date in my short story reading. But this can't really be the good stuff, could it?

    Eclipse (Twilight Saga: Book 3)

    I can't say I read a single story that really knocked my socks off. There was one about a hermaphrodite bigfoot that captured my attention and then lost my respect when the ending imploded. To top it off, I wasn't that impressed with the binding. This one gets two stars for I wasn't as impressed as I was supposed to be.

    This one gets two stars for trying, but I'm sure there are better collections out there. Oct 18, Ian C rated it it was ok. Billed as Sci-fi, it's more fantasy. One of, if not the, worst compilations I've ever read. Even Bruce Sterling's story failed for me.