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If you think that in this path where you will become who you actually are, and at peace and content with life you will become an extraordinary person, then you are on a wrong track. It is your choice. Acceptance to become ordinary is a path to solve the mystery of life and come to peace and get content with life.

It is important to note both ordinary and extraordinary are the games of our mind. Please understand this game. I will try my best to answer these questions. Please read them with an open mind. Your answers should be your own. However, might be my answers help you to find out your own answers. But as we live in particular conditioning, mostly on a mind level, we become stuck in our thinking.

Summary of this Talk

We want answers to every question about life to make our mind free but as we have particular frameworks of our thoughts, it becomes difficult to get them. Our mind poses questions about life but we have ready-made answers for them. Our answers are fused. Our lives are new. Conditions are new but our answers are old and fused ones. They will not work.

Clean your mind. If you want freedom in your life and content with life or you want new answers to new questions about your life, then you must get rid of your old mind. In another way, you must have control over your mind. You must have the power to choose.

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That power will come if you have control over your thoughts and mind. And that control comes into existence if you know how to clean and free your mind.


I hope, at the end of the post, you may know how to make your mind free and solve the mystery of life and get content with life. Biology gives you a brain. Life turns it into a mind.

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Is mind present inside you or not? Can you directly meet your mind? Sometimes you say that today my mind is sad. Sometimes you say that now my mind is happy. So, what is this mind? As it is already working inside you, so you are using it without thinking a bit about it. And all your outside world has been connected with your mind. You see your outer world through the lens of your mind. That is why every person has different views about the outside world because every person has a different mind.

As we are going towards to solve the mystery of life and get content with life, so we should know what this mind is.

15 Life-Changing Questions to Ask Yourself Today

If we know what this mind is then we can make necessary changes to it so that we can get our desired results. Interesting to note that mind cannot be static. It runs and runs. It chatters and chatters. Every person finds it difficult to quit the mind. When a person wants to quit his mind, it attacks with a double force to continue.


So, that person feels helpless in front of it. So, if we want to solve the mystery of mind and get content with life, we must have a technique or method that quits it. Otherwise, we cannot stop our mind. And that technique works only if we know what this mind is. First, you should try to know what this mind is. The first step towards this knowing is to know that all your mind stuff comes from outside.

When you realize that all your mind stuff comes from outside, that you will be able to know that you can set it aside. And when you will be able to set it aside, you will get the freedom of mind. When mind will not be there to run, peace will descend on you. All your uneasiness and disturbance are due to your mind. If a mind is running, you are not at peace. If the mind comes to halt, you will immediately get peace of mind.

And that is your freedom and content with life.

So, peace, freedom of mind, and content with life relate to the functioning of your mind. For example, if your mind has negative thoughts, it means it has a disturbance. To get peace of mind with negative thoughts is impossible. If you replace your negative thoughts with positive ones, immediately mind will direct towards peace of mind. It is all the information comes from outside through your five senses. You listen to sounds. You taste something. You smell something. You see things outside. All this stuff comes through your five senses and collects inside you as a mind.

And your fleshy brain collects all this information automatically. Your five senses remain open all the time. And information from outside comes to your brain constantly without a pause. This collected information makes your mind. As all collection is an automatic process, so you wonder where from this all stuff comes.

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Now you know that what is your mind. So, you can be able to set it aside as this mind is the main culprit of your uneasiness and disturbance. And the moment, you know what this mind is, you have progressed to solve the mystery of life, death and other related mysteries and get content with life. But it all depends on you what do you do with your mind.

Now come to the second question. I will never let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet. It is all mind thoughts that put inside us by society. We are revolving around this conditioning without thinking a bit about it. Like worldly possessions in which we compete with others, in our conditioning domain, we too compete with each other.

There are different types of conditioning in the world. All ones are competing with each other. All ones are completely engaged to increase their numbers. However, instead of actual teachings, they are only interested in numbers.

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A man is not free. It seems weird to listen to it but the reality is obvious. Only one explosion and the whole of mankind will evaporate. So, we have prepared our way to extinction. It is natural. We are making other species of this earth extinct and how can we make ourselves spare for it. No chance. And it all comes out of our religious beliefs and conditioning. We think that we are here to dominate and rule the other species.

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10 Questions on the Death Penalty

We are fighting with each other. If we want to save mankind, then it is crucial to come out of this religious conditioning and become what we actually are. But everybody is interested in itself. However, it seems weird but selfishness is the way to reach what we actually are. We become a hypocrite.

We have faces over faces.